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Dr.Kenneth Dickson

Dr. Kenneth Dickson, 1943-2024

Under the mentorship of Dr. J.K.G. Silvey, Dr. Ken Dickson earned a B.S. in Science Education (1966) and M.S. in Biological Sciences (1968) from the University of North Texas. Ken earned his Ph.D. (1971) in Aquatic Ecology at Virginia Tech. In 1978 he began his distinguished 32-year career in teaching, research, and service at UNT. Through his 225+ publications and $20,000,000+ in research funding, Ken focused on the environmental connections between water, energy, agriculture, natural resources, and sustainability always with an eye toward opening doors for his students, just as doors had been opened for him. His commitment to connection inspired the EESAT building on the UNT Campus, bringing together the offices, classrooms, experimental and educational spaces where scientists and faculty across the range of environmental studies can exchange ideas and inspire the next generation. As Founding Director of the Elm Fork Education Center, Ken created space for young children to experience the excitement of learning and discovery. Ken's involvement with the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, EPA's Science Advisory Board and his close collaboration with the City of Denton Water Utilities and Solid Waste helped to expand his influence beyond academic settings.