Finding solutions for our most pressing environmental issues

Protecting natural resources

The Advanced Environmental Research Institute (AERI) at the University of North Texas has been established as an Institute of Research Excellence. This is in recognition of the university’s strong and growing environmental and water research program. The institute will support the university on its path toward national prominence.

The institute touts a multidisciplinary team of researchers committed to collaborating on large research projects with an emphasis on application of research findings to the solutions of our most pressing environmental issues.

AERI is founded on UNT’s strong legacy of addressing environmental issues, which began with the eminent scientist, Dr. J.K.G. “Doc” Silvey who began water research at UNT by examining the differences in tap water. For nearly 80 years, a team of researchers has been investigating the complex nature of the natural world and how people’s actions influence it.

THE MISSION OF AERI is to foster, facilitate and conduct science-based interdisciplinary environmental research that provides an understanding of how human actions impact the environment, and then use that knowledge to suggest scientific, engineering, policy and/or educational solutions to actual environmental problems

Areas of Expertise:

  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Economics
  • Water Resource Management
  • Toxicology
  • Climate Change
  • Land Use
  • Health
  • Remote Sensing
  • Ecosystems and Conservation

The AERI is directed by environmental scientist Dr. Aaron Roberts.