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Congratulations to Shannon Collins, a graduate student in Dr. Elinor Lichtenberg's laboratory at UNT, for receiving the Lucy Braun Award for Excellence in Ecology for her poster presentation at the 2022 ESA Annual Meeting entitled, “Bottom-up impacts of rotational grazing disturbance on ground-nesting bee assemblages: do they dig it?” Collins’ work addresses how livestock grazing history influences ground-nesting bee communities’ access to nesting sites and food resources. Read more about this prestigious accomplishment.
We are thrilled to share that the Diamond Eagles Society has selected the UNT Pollinative Prairie to receive $77,500 in funding for a new expansion project that will enhance outdoor learning, conservation, and community event opportunities at the four-acre site at UNT's Discovery Park. The funding will support the development of the "Diamond Eagles Community and Learning Area," which includes construction of a large covered pavilion, observational dock, signage, and an accessible walkway to offer a more enjoyable experience while visitors are learning, researching, or simply relaxing at the prairie and adjoining pond.