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Queshonda Kudaisi

Dr. Queshonda Kudaisi
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
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Queshonda Kudaisi joined the University of North Texas in the Fall of 2022 as an assistant professor of mathematics education in the Department of Teacher Education and Administration.

Her degrees include a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida, a M.A.T. from the University of South Florida, and a B.S. from Southeastern University. Her research is composed of two strands of inquiry. The first strand focuses on social justice in mathematics education with particular attention given to mathematics teacher educators, mathematics teachers, and mathematics teacher candidates' development of the knowledge needed to teach mathematics for social justice. Her research interest in social justice mathematics stems from her experiences in Title One schools as a mathematics teacher and an instructional mathematics coach.

Dr. Kudaisi's second strand of inquiry focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning experiences that take place in informal learning environments such as after-school and summer programs. Her research interest in informal STEM learning environments originated from her experience participating in after-school STEM programs as a student and as an educational non-profit founder and director. Her research methods include the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Dr. Kudaisi's 8 years' experience within K-12 contexts includes working in both private and public schools, working as a mathematics teacher, working as an instructional mathematics coach, and working as an education consultant.

Dr. Kudaisi has presented at both state and national mathematics conferences and has served on the board of directors for several professional mathematics organizations.