Hima Bindu Cherukuru | Advanced Environmental Research Institute

Hima Bindu Cherukuru

Manager – Technology, CapitolOne

As an Engineering Leader, I love to solve customer problems with modern technology. I focus on defining and delivering key outcomes, building great teams and adapting to the customer feedback and new learnings. Growing up I always loved logic and math. I did my masters in computer science in UTD. Over the years I have honed my logical and strategic thinking, applied them to scale projects, execute big ideas within given constraints, lead and grow engineering teams. Beyond work, I enjoy sewing and fashion design is my hobby. I design most of my dresses and indulge in sewing from time to time. I deeply care about the environment and passionately advocate for sustainable alternatives, circular consumerism and minimal waste. I believe that it is all of our responsibility to protect and preserve the planet for our next generation. I constantly educate myself in the sustainability space and think technology can make a huge difference in achieving more carbon neutral solutions. I am an active volunteer for DFW ATW, promoting women in technology, helping more women to enter the technology space and grow in their roles.