First SER X GSA undergrad Research Symposium | Advanced Environmental Research Institute
April 14, 2022

First SER X GSA undergrad Research Symposium

We'd like to extend contratulations to our students for a successful and well attended first year of the SER X GSA undergrad Research Symposium, sponsored by AERI. The first year event hosted over 70 people in attendance, which included panelists Richard Freiheit (AERI) Sam Kieschnick (TPWD) Sarah Luxton (City of Plano sustainability, UNT geog alum), Dr. Fischer, Dr. Hudak (UNT CUPA and GEOG), our judges Dr. Fry, Dr. Ferring, Dr. Compson, and presenters of the 13 poster presentations, friends, family, and other fellow students.

Panelists gave thoughtful and moving responses to a few questions regarding their experiences and advice for undergraduate students considering their options and opportunities.

Questions included:

  1. What experience in your undergrad best prepared you for where you are now? i.e. what cemented your interest in your field?
  2. What qualities or experiences do you look for when you are hiring or working with undergrads?
  3. How do you communicate hard scientific concepts to the general public? Why should people care about scientific research?
  4. What is one piece of advice you wish you would have known earlier in your career?

The event ended with awards for 1st place and runner up:

  • 1st Place - Clarissa Molina - Female Painted Bunting Movement Patterns in Relation to Male Territories
  • Runner up - Marie Muñiz - Monitoring Bird-Window Strikes on the University of North Texas Campus