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Researchers conducted laboratory experiments on mahi-mahi embryos to determine the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV) and oil co-exposure during different times in their development. The team observed that UV affected the success of mahi-mahi hatch in all exposure scenarios compared to controls but was highest (a 1.6- to 6-fold increase) when co-exposure occurred late in embryonic development.
Exciting publications from Dr. Tate Barrett, UNT Postdoc, working in Dr. Alex Ponette's lab. His research on black carbon in the Arctic was recently published.

Fish in the Big Blue - April 28, 2017

Researching the effects of oil on water and fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.

Austin Watershed - August 5, 2016

Aaron Schad and David Holbrook, of LAERF, conducting research within the Austin Watershed.

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