Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA)

Now in its 18th year, the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA), which sits just south of Lewisville Lake on about 2,100 acres, is a living lab perfect for scientific research and environmental education purposes and provides unique opportunities for hands-on training with its vast prairieland, array of animals and diversity of waterways, including the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. LLELA also serves as one of UNT’s research facilities for AERI. 


Ecological research is a fundamental part of the mission at LLELA. For more than a decade UNT students and faculty have conducted a variety of research projects at LLELA, many of them resulting in master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. In addition, scientists from Texas A&M University, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, and others also have completed field studies and research projects at LLELA.

This important resource is managed and maintained to best support native biodiversity. Scientists at UNT and the Army Corp of Engineers also advise students and faculty who are interested in conducting research projects that will provide valuable knowledge on habitat quality and wildlife management issues.  

Some examples of the research projects taking place at LLELA include:


LLELA offers plenty of ways for the UNT community to take advantage of this natural resource. Faculty can use it as their classroom – and not just for biology and science classes. Photography students can shoot the gorgeous landscape. Recreation and leisure studies classes can study how LLELA is used to promote its recreational activities, and education students can take their classes on field trips.

It is important to understand the various options you have for visiting LLELA each semester. The following are your available options:

  • Day Laboratory: This includes one visit to LLELA at $4 per person each visit. Faculty requesting should indicate their preferred date and an alternate rain date.
  • Semester Field Study: This includes two to three visits per semester for a particular course. The flat fee for this is $200. Faculty requesting should indicate their preferred date and an alternate rain date.

If you are interested in taking a class out to LLELA or have questions about LLELA availability, please contact Ken Steigman at 972-822-0320 or Kenneth.Steigman@unt.edu.

Download the Application for LLELA Field Use:

An Art Class Field Trip

It was just majestic. There was so much to see. We walked around and enjoyed the experience. If you need a quiet place where everyone can put their phones away and be in a present moment, LLELA provided that for us.

 − Kate Colin, lecturer in core drawing